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How do remote controlled toys work?

How do remote controlled toys work?
Update Time:2017-06-29

Remote controlled toys are typically controlled by a transmitter, which sends a signal over a frequency to the receiver that sits in the toy being controlled. The transmitter has a power source, usually a battery, which powers the transmitter.Remote controlled toys are any type of toy that can be controlled remotely. There are various types of toys, usually vehicles, that are remote controlled, such as cars, trucks, helicopters, boats, and even submarine 


There are four components of a remote controlled vehicle. The first component is the transmitter, which is the controller that the user has in their hand. This controller sends a signal, such as a radio wave, to the car. The receiver, such as an antenna and circuit board, sits inside of the toy and it takes the signal from the transmitter. When the receiver gets the signal, it activates motors inside the toy depending on the signal that the transmitter gives out. The motors inside of the toy are what allow the toy to be steered, to turn wheels, operate propellers, and do various other tasks. The final component of a remote controlled toy is the power source, which is usually a battery that is placed inside of the transmitter.

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