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The First Bana Training Camp Started

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The First Bana Training Camp Started
Issue Time:2016-05-05

Busy March, always gives you hope. With the help of HR department and others, there are some new colleagues come to Bana. Look at this, our warmth welcome is a must.

Come on ,be relax. Getting the red pocket first, the new could get ¥1000.

Time to play the game of bamboo relay race. It will be harder and harder to play.

Now the following part is for the speech from Mr.Lin.-Amor.This speech is mainly telling the internet situation and the plan of career.

Bana star and Bana model share their successful story. That is what we said;the more you share, the success you will get; the harder you work, the lucky one you will be .

We would like to work together, this 2016.Welcome the team of 666, Persian Cat, The No.1 and the The Flower.

Would you like happy? Come to Bana.

Would you need profession? Come to Bana.

Would you need stage? Come to Bana.

Would you need chances? Come to Bana,

Do you like that ¥1000? Sorry, it’s a joke for April Fools Day.

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