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The March Bana War

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The March Bana War
Issue Time:2016-05-05

On 27th,Feb,Shantou Bana Toys Co.,Ltd has started the incentive war.The manager Mr.Lin gave a speech for the reason that everyone will fight for .Each team member set the final goal and signed the military order.Everyone will strive for the honor,that is the determination of sure victory.It seems like the war comes silently.

On 7th Mar,the Bana War has upgraded.Bana Co.,invested 300.000 to start this compaign. Also there are 28 suppliers invited to participate together.For the goal of getting the Bana teams,customers,suppliers closely.The mutual exchange starts officially.

Part 1

By the thought of internet,Mr.Lin gave a vivid speech of how to grab the chances with the suppliers in this internet era.

Part 2

One of the member Michelle represented Bana to deploy the work.That is how to build a team which is powerful and competitive,and how to build a group of united suppliers with this fund 300.000.

The war is coming,the law of jungle is starting.Dare you hesitate?What are you waiting for?Just go for it.Let’s hand in hand with Bana.We will be the king of internet cross-boarder market!

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