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An Excellent Speech, A Wonderful Gain

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An Excellent Speech, A Wonderful Gain
Issue Time:2016-05-13

A new week comes a new look in such a sunny day. As usual, Monday is busy for everyone, but there is a special guest for Bana this week.

You must be familiar with Sacha who has a long term business relationship with Bana. Since he is our old customer, and also is ourold friend. During his visiting, he shares the experience of business and gives us some advice.

From the beginning, Sacha gives a question:What is wrong and right in my business relationship with the customers. What is the answer? Don’t worry, let’s start a game first, then you may find it.

Firstly, starting with a lottery game, the lucky one who will play the role of salesman, he must select one item to present, to whom plays the role as customer. There are eight persons to be the lucky ones, each one all performed well. It must be the wonderful and useful experience to them.

Later, Sacha makes a summary to the game. As a supplier, we must understand the need of our customer, and know more about the product’s function, other additional information than our customer. New item doesn’t mean well , the useful and high quality one is the key.

Of course, professional service and high quality product is not enough. The showroom is also important, as it will influence the impression of the customer to the supplier directly. Sacha gives us three advice:

1.      The special service of selecting samples for VIP customer.

2.      The normal service of selecting samples for general customer.

3.      Updating the showroom for brand new experience.

At last ,it’s free question time. Sacha mentioned that the image and honor is the main point for him to establish the relationship with other company.

Indeed, the company always faces different challenges. There is a long way to go for the improvement of salesman. Only if we improve ourselves all the time, then we could serve our customer professionally.

What an excellent speech. It seems that everyone gained something today and got answer finally.

Hope everyone has a bright future and thank Sacha again. See you next time.

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