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7-12 months baby puzzle games

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7-12 months baby puzzle games
Issue Time:2016-06-25

7-12 months baby puzzle games

Along with theincrease of the aged , 7 to 12 months baby's motor function and intelligence areimproved,  its scope more open, game content more rich, in the game to exercisethe body, increase the knowledge, gain the happiness. Games for the baby is notjust to play, and it is a kind of learning, a kind of work, parents should payattention to the game to the child intelligence development, let the babygrowth intelligence in the game, the following game for your reference:

1. Improve memorygame: hide and seek, find toys, chest, hands to hide.

2. The cultivationof ability of the game: play, insert cover bottle caps, building blocks.

3. Promotehand-eye coordination game: tearing, pick up Doug, throwing things.

4. Training thecognitive ability of the game: look in the mirror, to recognize the body, andthe size of the recognition, animal, tapping, distinguishes the color.

5. Promote thelogic of the game: the graph matching, look at the picture means.

6. Promote thephysical development of the game: chasing the ball rolling.

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