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Are the baby who can indetify color more intelligent?

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Are the baby who can indetify color more intelligent?
Issue Time:2016-06-25

It is said that baby who grow up in a colorful environment, their powers ofobservation, thinking and memory capacity will more outstanding than baby whogrow up in ordinary color environment , which means that color can help yourbaby enhance intelligence. 

In this case, which games can help parents to let theirbaby master the ability of identify the color quickly?

Finding Color

Mom and Dad can buy some small colored cards.Then,parents can get the cardone by one to baby and tell him "baby, this is red,blue......"

Afterindentify these colors,mother can say one colors and let your baby to get itout of the card. Such games can help your baby remember the color more clearlyand improve his memory.

Classifying fruits

Parents should prepare red and yellow kegs and different colors of fruitsso that the baby can classify the fruits according different colorsseparately. 

And then put the red fruits into the red bucket, yellow fruit inyellow bucket. If the baby does not know how to put, the mother can  reminded him patiently:baby, just put thefruit in the same color’s bucket. This gamecan promote the classified ability by color and improve his judgment.

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