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Don't let the splendid world pass you by.

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Don't let the splendid world pass you by.
Issue Time:2016-07-20

Don’t let the splendid world pass you by.

Childhood is always fullof happiness,interest,and sweet. It just like each shining stars to light a bright future.Toys are the source of happiness in our childhood which is filled withcuriosity and anticipation. Many years later, when you turn out your toys, youmay find that it still carries a colorful childhood.

Before I met BANA , mychildhood is like this......

I play with mud

I play with tissues

I play my Daddy

And play with myself

This feeling glimpse of my past served to emphasize the scene of aimlessness.

After meeting BANA, mychildhood is like this... 

In my spare time I gofor a ride...

Sometimes I give her alift.

Oh,I was carved up by a lunatic in a Porsche.


In games ,I met a groupof friends.

Since I met BANA, my life has a new look.

BANATOYS is looking forward to sharing the pains inthe process of growing up with each of the children and parents, and try tobecome the toy brand marketer, to accompany with the global children as theirbest friend. We would like to share more happiness and laughter with your sweetheart. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Go and take your treasures away. 

Don’t letthe splendid world pass you by.

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