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How to comfort a crying baby? You just have to do that!

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How to comfort a crying baby? You just have to do that!
Issue Time:2016-07-21

How to comfort a crying baby?

You just have to do that!

Duringthe daytime, most people are busy in the company. 

But when you come home at night,you will see like this :

I think,You will

So how on earth to comfort a crying baby?

Youmay try snacks


You may try dipper


You may try caring bear collection


None of these are good enough comparing toparents' company.

TodayI am going to share a story

Once upon a time

There is a big crying baby .

No one has seen her smile ever before, noteven her parent

She just cries day and night

Stars fall down from the sky every time shecries

It seems that nothing in this world willever stop her crying


One day a blue fairy came to town

She sprinkled some fairy dust on the baby'shead

Andbang! She reached to her pocket and grabbed themost magical thing you will ever see

It’s a toy from BANA, a both sand beachtoys factory and toys trading company

And the baby finally smiled.

The end.

 Yes, parents’ company, and this company, isBANATOYS.

 Banatoys’ vision is to become a centurytoys kingdom!

Banatoys was established in year 2005. Wehave best products :sand toys ,PDQ series, water gun,sand mars and party toys. Wehave best suppliers! We have best quick team!

 If you are interesting in our company, why not fastaction, just join us !



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