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OlympicCity Museum in Rio features virtual realitysystems

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OlympicCity Museum in Rio features virtual realitysystems
Issue Time:2016-08-11

OlympicCity Museum in Rio features virtual realitysystems

Tomark one month to the start of the Rio Summer Games, the Olympic City Museum, anew museum and digital center located in north of Rio de Janeiro near theOlympic Stadium, has opened its doors. Visitors can use state-of-the-artvirtual reality technologies to “visit” Olympic venues and tourist attractionsall over the city.

TheOlympic City Museum is located near the renovated Olympic Stadium. The buildingused to be a workshop for repairing railway trains.

Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes, and Rio Organizing Committee President Carlos Nuzmanwere at the opening.

“Today is a very special day. We are very happy to arrive at the stage we areat with the support we have. The Games could begin today, all of thecompetition areas are ready. It will be an unbelievable party that everyonewill love. The Games are in Rio, but they belong to the people of Brazil,”Nuzman said.

The new space makes intensive use of interactive digital technology andmultimedia. Visitors can try their hand at Olympic and Paralympic disciplinesin front of a giant screen. They can also learn about how the Olympic Games anddigital innovations are transforming life in Rio, and about the influence oftechnology on sport.

The virtual reality systems are the star attraction. Special headsets providean immersive experience of Rio. A robot version of the Olympic mascot Viniciuswill lead the way for visitors, and provide services in different languages.

The Olympic City Museum is open from 9a.m. to 9p.m. from Tuesdays to Saturdaysand from 9.30a.m. to 4.30p.m. on Sundays.


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