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Appetizer- mapo tofu

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Appetizer- mapo tofu
Issue Time:2016-08-11

Appetizer- mapo tofu

There are some explanationsfor the origin of the mapo tofu. The most popular one was that a woman namedLiu in Qing dynasty invented pock po which was rather delicious. So peoplecalled it mapo tofu for short.


Why it was popularamong Chinese?

People always usedseven words to describe this dish: numbing, spicy, hot, fresh, tender, deliciousand crispy. It is special feeling that make people fall in love with this dish.


Would you like tohave a try?

1.  Cut tofu into tubes. Pour enough warm water ina small bowl to cover then completely. Cut onion, ginger and garlic slices.

2.  Adding vegetable oil into the pan and heatedthe oil by big fire.

3. Then fry onion, ginger and garlic slices andbean paste. After doing that, pour the cut tofu into pan and fry them.

4.  After bean curd been done, add some wine andsugar starch. When the tofu turn to yellow, put some pepper powder on it.

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