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Guangdong(Cantonese) Cuisine

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Guangdong(Cantonese) Cuisine
Issue Time:2016-08-11

Guangdong(Cantonese) Cuisine

Tasting clean, light, crisp and fresh, Guangdong cuisine, familiarto Westerners, usually has fowl and other meats that produce its unique dishes.

The basic cooking techniques include roasting, stir-frying,sauteing, deep-frying, braising, stewing and steaming. Steaming and stir-fryingare most frequently used to preserve the ingredients' natural flavors.

Guangdong chefs also pay much attention to the artistic presentationof their dishes.

Typical menu items: Shark Fin Soup; Steamed Sea Bass; RoastedPiglet; Dim Sum (a variety of side dishes and desserts.

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