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Remote control car

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Remote control car
Issue Time:2017-06-28

Remote control car that can through the radio remote control remote control model cars.General can be divided into: toys, models (R/C), police and other categories.According to body shape and can be divided into: rv (flat car, suv, monster truck, pull the car, container, etc.

Conceptual overview

At present is common a remote control model car (Radio control R/C), means that the remote control, remote control model.Remote control car?Is children's toy car?No contact with friends may think the remote control car remote control model is to buy the sort of, remote control toys for children, in fact this is a mistake.Toy commonly defined as "design for or scheduled for products for children under the age of 14 games".And remote control model car is for more than 14 years old, have a certain knowledge and intelligence.And, more importantly, to play remote control model car needs experience, economic base, wisdom and devotion, and has a certain risk.It is toy could not provide high performance, therefore, remote control model car is a hobby movement.

Characteristics of the profile
Hereinafter referred to as RC Car remote control model Car, remote control model Car is not a toy, it is "narrow version of the real Car", it have the same power system and Car) (engine, transmission, and suspension system;Have high performance tire, can bear with F1 is 4 G of centrifugal force.With the real car the supercar manipulation of feeling.If the size of the enlarged remote control model car to car, believes ferrari, porsche is not its rival, with 8 (one of the real car to 8 points) of internal combustion engine flat road remote control model car, for example, in just 1.6 seconds can be completed the acceleration of 0-100 km, and can be easily reached 140 km, ask the child's toys and where there is such a performance!Speak more simple, the epitome of remote control model car is a real sports car, but we are not in the car control.
High performance on behalf of the high cost, but remote control model car is affordable interest, not just the rich.
Believe that a lot of people who are interested in seeing some model car enthusiasts in the play, will ask: "how much is this car? Can run fast?"When I heard the answer, most will get a big surprise..."Were not so expensive? Children's toys?"Believe that most fans would say to you: "ha ha, this is not a toy."

Players in pursuit of performance, remote control cars use a lot of high-tech and advanced materials.To determine the price for the remote control car remote control car times more expensive than the toy car.However, not all remote control car the pursuit of the ultimate performance and super expensive, there are a lot of performance is not so high, the price is relatively cheap, affordable remote control car home working class also affordable.And affordable for driving technology, equipment requirements is not so high.Less investment, less maintenance costs also.Maybe you will ask, why not buy I will buy a supreme performance?Actually, even beginner doesn't have the ability to control of high performance automobile technology and experience, as the could not control for the driving test ferrari.So, we must play remote control car or from the entry-level car play.And popular type segment in the car looks more like a true, can deserve to go up all kinds of several tap car shell, let you don't need to buy expensive cars can also have its dynamic features.

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