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Global toy market demand presents good posture

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Global toy market demand presents good posture
Issue Time:2017-06-29

Toy market in 2015 is a bit odd: foreign markets especially Christmas toy sales very brisk, both in export data and market information show the world toy market, especially the European and American countries have recovery, famous Nielsen Group (NPD Group) even think: in 2015, is the world's largest consumer of toys - the United States - the best toy sales in nearly a decade years.However, compared with foreign toy market booming market, in 2015 the domestic toy market seems to be not too ideal, some vendors even think business difficult to do all years ago when the world economic crisis.Why can appear such very different market conditions, the following we integrated all kinds of information and data slice it carefully, and try to for the reader to find an answer.

Industry quietly to accelerate transformation and upgrading
Europe and the United States is the world's largest toy consumption market, is also China's main export market of toys.Although our country foreign trade situation, 1-2015 in November, the national foreign trade fell 8.5% year on year.But China's toy exports thanks to recovery in European and American toy market consumption, product export is ideal.1 ~ 11 months, the national toy exports of $28.5 billion, up 16.38% year on year, the annual export amount rose two digits has basically there is no doubt that so cold in China's foreign trade environment is the awaken of spring is abundant.But it is worth noting: although product export amount performance is good, but is mixed to carefully study.

Productivity surge industry competition pressure
2015 domestic toy market sales seem a bit quiet river water.And ice colors baby continue selling toys in Europe and America market, mini supermarket and then Star Wars action figures toys popular in the market, sales hot one after another, the domestic toy market sales we didn't see what's hot spots, even sell like hot cakes in 2014 at a gyroscope in 2015 seems to have lost heat.Two child policy implementation of toy market demand stimulus, not many sellers reflect business fairly flat in 2015.Why is this case?I'm afraid there are many aspects: factors such as the second child policy toy market demand need time, capital market volatility caught a lot of family money restricts the willingness to spend, insufficient domestic toy enterprise product innovation failed to stimulate consumer sentiment and so on, but the following reasons, seems to be more worthy of entrepreneurs attention and thinking:One is around the toy industry rapid development lead to capacity increase rapidly.The other is imported toys surge intensifying domestic competition in the market.

Toy market demand well
European and American countries toy sales in 2015, as the economist predicted, the home sales market, according to the news of the toys, toy news) news: in 2014 the European and American toy big British toy consumption rose by 4.8%, 6.2% growth in the United States.As the world's largest toy production and exporter, 2015 China's toy exports also hand over a good report card.So how will the world toy market in 2016?Below we from product innovation, economic development and industry like some international research institutions to some to verify prediction.The United Nations, issued the 2016 world economic situation and outlook, the report says the global economy over the next two years there will be a small improvement, in 2016 and 2017, the world economy is expected to increase 2.9% and 3.2% respectively.The report predicts that developing countries economy in 2016 and 2017 growth of 4.3% and 4.3% respectively;In developing countries, has become the fastest economic growth in South Asia, is predicted to grow 6.7% in 2016.Report is expected in 2016 for advanced economies: the U.S. economy grew by 2.6%;The eu economy is expected to grow by 2%;Japan's economy is expected to grow 1.3%.Europe and the United States has always been the world's largest toy consumer market, the European and American toy market more than 80% of the products made in China, Europe and the United States to maintain economic growth in 2016, toy sales believe will continue to rise;Domestically, and the second child policy effect appeared gradually, much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning start to the year the state will implement a proactive fiscal policy, the domestic market is good news for toys, therefore, in 2016 the Chinese toy market at home and abroad believe that there will be a good demand.

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