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Benefits of Tech Toys for Children

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Benefits of Tech Toys for Children
Issue Time:2017-06-30

Technology is transforming not only the way we live, work and communicate, but also the way our children play and have fun. Some might argue that technology toys are useless for child development, obtaining cognitive skills and learning, but, in fact, play-based learning has proven to be beneficial for children, both in the classroom and at home. Combined with the technological element, play-based learning creates many opportunities to prepare children for hi-tech future ahead of them. This advantage of smart toys is usually recognized and understood by many parents, but other significant reasons to let children play with them often remain unclear. So what exactly are the benefits of tech toys and what learning potential do they have? We have sorted 5 important advantages of them for you.

1. Tech toys teach kids to understand the effects of their actions. 
Smart toys enable children to understand the effects of the decisions they make during playing: think of remote control or coding toys, which immediately show you the result of pressing a button or typing something. The understanding of cause and effect is a crucial general life skill, and tech toys can help children to master it from the very young age.

2. Tech toys keep children engaged in the process.
The toys of today have advanced to the point where they create absolutely immersive playing experience for kids. They manage to retain children’s interest in playing despite the short attention span, usually typical for youngsters. All of this means that this ongoing desire to play eventually transforms into the desire to learn, which is undeniably the quality to have nowadays. Children who grow up into curious lifelong learners have the amazing abilities to become successful and make a change.

3. Family playtime together
Last but definitely not least, many tech toys are designed to play and have fun together. Playing with interactive learning toys together can help you to get to know your child’s learning style and personality better, discover new things you both enjoy to do, and simply have a valuable family time.

4. Tech toys develop a child’s social skills and boost emotional development.
As for many other technologies and devices nowadays, it is very common for tech toys to have social and sharing elements in them. Children need to pick up communication skills from the very young age in order to eventually grow up into adult personalities, who are well-adapted to the society, and that’s where tech toys can plant the first seeds. By playing together with friends, sharing play results in the community of young players, getting feedback from parents or teachers, children develop decision-making, leadership and creativity skills, learn how to evaluate own performance, and boost their motivation for learning by seeing their tangible play results.

5. Learning and having fun outside of the classroom.
While tech toys can and should be used in the classroom setting, using them at home will also yield amazing results. For kids, having a fun after-school time is crucial to recharge and release their energy, and interactive tech toys serve just brilliant for this purpose, even though they still might have a major educational element. After all, now matter how advanced they are, toys are still all about playing and having a fun time, which is the most important thing for children.

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