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The First Customer’s Story of BANATOYS

BANATOYS provide customers professional product and market analysis, product design and delivery and quality control, to help all customers to solve the problem of sales and market share.


In 2005, BANATOYS got the first order of one 40HQ from the first customer of the company. At that time, in order to expand customer resources, BANATOYS selected the products and designed a catalogue. When we put the catalogue in front of this customer, he was attracted by the nice pictures of our products. We made an appointment in our showroom and then we had our first order.

In 2008, BANATOYS sold 307 products to the customer, totally 14 containers of 40HQ. During the production, BANATOYS looked carefully the production progress and tested the products to ensure the goods finished on time and quality was no problem. When we loaded the containers, we asked the workers not to leave footprints and even dust outside the box. When the customer received the goods, he gave us a high praise on our quality and delivery.

In 2012, BANATOYS sold 614 products to the customer, totally 28 containers of 40HQ.

In 2015, BANATOYS sold 1228 products to the customer, totally 55 containers of 40HQ. The order amount of this customer increased to $ 2 million in 2015. BANATOYS would help customers to analyze the needs and trends of the market every year. We would prepare tens of thousands of products according to customer’s purchasing habits. The customer would select about 2000 products from all the items.

It is because of BANATOYS professional team who help customers to analyze products and market, the sales amount between BANATOYS and the customer continue to rise, and our customer also expand the local market and the sales continue to increase.

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